About Us

About Us

The residential work started out small. With just a couple of part-time employees and an ugly old truck, Bob managed to effectively renovate many homes in the Central New Jersey Area. In time the business began to grow from minor renovations into large-scale additions. With no end in sight, Bob began to hire the skilled craftsmen needed to build these complicated home additions. He even leased a small place with an office to store materials and tools. However, the economy was about to crash and threaten all the business Bob had built. There’s an old saying “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” Thankfully, Bob persevered.

When the economy finally did nose dive after 9-11 and the real estate market tanked Bob began looking for ways to keep busy. An old friend of Bob’s who worked at a pallet racking company suggested Bob build some rack at a few job sites for his company. The work was easy for Bobs' team, and Top To Bottom was able to survive for a time simply by building and installing the pallet rack.

Eventually, we were approached to renovate a few offices. With our extensive experience gained in the residential market, we were able to exceed expectations wherever we went. Our clients seemed to genuinely appreciate the degree of urgency we placed on their projects. We were truly doing what we said we were going to do from estimate, to completion in an environment where most contractors seemed to want to make a fast buck and get out. Our customers knew that when they called us in with a problem, we made it our own and we solved it together. Customer service should always, and continues to be a priority at Top To Bottom.

Approaching business in this way turned out to be extremely successful for us.

Present day

We specialize in the building and renovating of offices and warehouses, we are now in the process of expanding our operations to include retail construction and fit-outs, commercial, mix-use construction and renovations throughout New Jersey. 

In whatever area of construction we are involved in, the challenges are always great but we still employ the same core work ethic formed all those years ago with Bob and that ugly old truck. That is "to treat each customer as a priority". 

These days with our constantly expanding shop and offices located in Springfield NJ, we can custom fabricate just about anything from a set of plans.

You can see our trucks everywhere in Central New Jersey, and Top To Bottom work crews can be found in many different locations on any given day.

Our daily work load may include:

  • Showroom Design and Build.

  • Office Build Outs and Renovations.

  • Warehouse and Factory Re-purposing, Renovation, and Expansion.

  • Employee Break-room Design, and Construction.

  • All types of Mezzanines with custom built Offices under and over, as well as any number of custom-made fabrication projects.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling.

We take great pride in our finished product and we truly do assign the same degree of urgency to the small projects, as we do the large ones.

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